The Crime Life

The Crime Life Official clan off - SkiLL - Stunt - drift ! - Movie TcL Live


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anketa !


Anim members


Skill Squad


       Nickname                     Position           Aktivity    
   lEE3F                          CL-ExTreMe SkiLL              ACTIVE    
  T3r1t0r1uM                   Ultra SkiLL                           ACTIVE    
  D1X1E3                        Ultra SkiLL                           ACTIVE    
  H3NzOo                        AcL-Ultra SkiLL                   ACTIVE    
  Do0ll4r                          Ultra SkiLL                           ACTIVE    
  sH0ck                           Higher SkiLL                        ACTIVE    
  Jongi                             Higher SkiLL                       ACTIVE      
  SonyK                           Higher SkiLL                       ACTIVE    
  ScRaT                           Higher SkiLL                      ACTIVE    
  Miki                                Higher SkiLL                      ACTIVE    
  F_E_A_R                     MediuM SkiLL                    ACTIVE    
   Pejo                              Medium SkiLL                    ACTIVE    
  D1n4m1t                       MediuM SkiLL                    ACTIVE    
  Mistiq                             Higher SkiLL                      ACTIVE    
  Wills_W7                       Higher SkiLL                      ACTIVE    
   Alig_DK                       MediuM SkiLL                    ACTIVE    
   pL4i                              MediuM SkiLL                    ACTIVE    
   Duff                               MediuM SkiLL                    ACTIVE    
   D3N1S                         MediuM SkiLL                    ACTIVE    
   Prkos                            MediuM SkiLL                    ACTIVE    
   Try_Again                    MediuM SkiLL                    ACTIVE
   Tomik                           MediuM SkiLL                    ACTIVE
   After                             MediuM SkiLL                     ACTIVE
   Pilf4r                            Higher SkiLL                        ACTIVE

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